ABICOR BINZEL establishes new subsidiary in Morocco

19.06.2023 11:18:03

ABICOR BINZEL recently set an important milestone as a global leader in welding technology with the opening of a new subsidiary in Kénitra: ABICOR BINZEL Maghreb. The opening event was a great event, attended by distinguished guests such as the mayor of Kénitra, representatives of the German embassy, the GIZ (Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit), the Bank of Africa as well as the Chamber of Commerce and companies from the welding industry. Colleagues from ABICOR BINZEL headquarters and from France also participated in the event, underlining the company's commitment to its international presence.2023_BINZEL_Maghreb_Opening_Team_16_9

Showcasing Strong Support and International Collaboration

The event, attended by notable figures from various sectors, underlined the importance of this milestone for both ABICOR BINZEL and the local community. The mayor of Kénitra expressed his excitement for ABICOR BINZEL's investment in the region and acknowledged the positive impact on the local economy:

The presence of representatives from the German Embassy underlined the importance of international cooperation and trade relations between Germany and Morocco. Colleagues from ABICOR BINZEL headquarters and from France participated in the opening ceremony together with visitors from the sister company Thermacut, showing their support for the successful establishment of the new subsidiary. The presence of representatives of the IBG Group, to which ABICOR BINZEL belongs, expressed a shared vision for the future.

Promoting Skill Development

In addition to the inauguration ceremony, the guests visited a local welding school (CPT) during their time in Kénitra. The school offers valuable training programs for young people, equipping them with the necessary skills to excel in the field of welding. With the certificates that the students can get through attending different welding course, they can apply for local or international companies. The SLV Halle, that is part of the German Welding Society, offers several welding courses for different welding techniques. The students are being trained with welding technology from ABICOR BINZEL.

2023_BINZEL_Maghreb_Opening_ITC_Student_1_1 2023_BINZEL_Maghreb_Opening_ITC_Student_Soldamatic_1_1

With the foundation of the new subsidiary, ABICOR BINZEL can make a substantial contribution to the economic growth of the region and can provide the Maghreb area with welding technology. Future plans include a new production facility that will provide Morocco and the rest of Africa with state-of-the-art welding products and promote industrial growth in the region.

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