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08.03.2022 07:34:05

Everywhere in production processes, it is checked which parameters can be considered in order to save costs. However, little or no consideration is given to the gas factor. This may change due to gas prices, which are currently increasing sharply, but shielding gas is essential for gas-shielded welding. The EWR 2 or EWR 2 Net gas management system from ABICOR BINZEL offers a solution for saving shielding gas consumption, which can be easily implemented in any welding process – for manual welding as well as robotic welding. But a fundamental question arises: is such a system worthwhile at all? And how high are the possible cost savings in your own production? The EWR 2 calculator from ABICOR BINZEL provides a quick answer.

Calculating savings potential in advance

With the EWR 2 calculator, everyone can calculate the current shielding gas consumption and compare the reduced consumption with the interposed EWR 2 or EWR 2 Net. And without having to integrate an EWR 2 into the real process. As a result, the calculator provides the shielding gas consumption with and without EWR 2 and the resulting potential gas savings. In addition, the CO2 saving is calculated from the proportion of the gas flow and the CO2 share proportion for transport and production. The evaluation thus shows the effective savings in gas costs as an initial assessment.

Getting a result with only a few clicks

For an individual calculation, only the following values or information must be entered:

  • Shielding gas consumption per day
  • Daily working time per shift minus breaks plus number of work shifts
  • Gas type
  • Gas supply
  • Effective gas savings with EWR 2
  • Work days per month for a result on monthly basis

Consumption and savings are already being calculated while the data are being entered.

Is it worth to integrate an EWR 2 gas management system into the own production?

If you are wondering whether a gas management system can actually lead to cost savings in production, the EWR 2 calculator gives a first impression. If the results of the calculator clearly show that the gas consumption and thus the shielding gas costs can be reduced, a real test in your own welding production is definitely worthwhile. An EWR 2 or EWR 2 Net device can be quickly integrated into the process by the ABICOR BINZEL product experts without having to change the conditions on site.

We think the EWR 2 calculator is a valuable tool for determining the savings potential for shielding gas and CO2 emissions in advance. Sign up and you're ready to start!

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