Great plans for the new year

02.01.2024 04:30:00

Last year was very exciting with the successful comeback of SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN, but that doesn't mean that we are taking a break. On the contrary – this year promises to be even more interesting, not only for our headquarters in Buseck, but also for our subsidiaries, sister companies, dealers, and all welding technology enthusiasts.

Trade fair highlights 2024

Preparations for the first events are already underway. In February, we will attend the 25th EALA in Bad Nauheim together with our partner Blackbird. Everything will revolve around laser-based material processing in the automotive industry: From laser welding to drilling and coating.

And that's just the beginning. In April, we will be exhibiting for the first time at TUBE in Düsseldorf. With over 1,000 exhibitors, it is the largest trade fair for the tube industry. Of course, we won't miss it and will be exhibiting our SWR, ABIBUG® and coated contact tips to name but a few.

We have two exciting events coming up in September. For the first time we will be exhibiting at SMM in Hamburg with our partner Inrotech. This trade fair focuses on the shipyard & offshore sector. The complex challenges of the industry will be discussed and groundbreaking innovations will be presented.

We also have an absolute highlight waiting for us in September: The Urban Steel Rockstars in Berlin. This brand new international event combines the steel and welding industry with the vibrant atmosphere of a music festival. There will be 20 market leaders from all over the world, accompanied by well-known influencers, live acts and top DJs. Future technologies and current industry trends will be the focus of four stages and over 50 presentations – a unique experience we can't wait for!

Influencers in the spotlight

This October, we will be back at Fabtech in Orlando, the largest regional metalworking exhibition in North America. But this time we have come up with something special: Well-known personalities from the welding creator scene will take center stage at our booth. With live welding demonstrations and personal interaction with your favorite influencers, we want to give our visitors an unforgettable experience.


The WELDEND event ­– organized by influencer and business owner Erik Löffel – will also provide a stage for well-known content creators from the welding industry. 15 experts, including our WELDPROF® Prof Dr Emil Schubert for the first time, will provide exciting insights into the various areas of welding.

Experience innovation live

We have another highlight planned for this exciting year: Our exclusive customer event for our new welding cobot, the iBOTone®. This robot is so quick and easy to program that anyone can use it within a few minutes. At our event, mid-sized companies from all over Europe will have the opportunity to test the iBOTone® and learn more about its many applications through informative presentations. This will allow everyone to discover the best equipment options and customized solutions for their company.


The Traderunner, our versatile Infomobile, is also back on the road. It can be used to demonstrate our products and welding techniques live on site. The aim is to visit customers, training centers and dealers. A special focus will be on welding fume extraction.

Exciting news

And as if all that wasn't exciting enough, you can look forward to some big news this year. Details are yet to be revealed, but one thing is certain: Big changes are coming. We will share more details in February, but until then you will have to be patient.

2024 has many innovations and events in store, and we look forward to sharing them with you!