Impressive fair presence at the SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN 2023

11.10.2023 05:00:00

As if everyone had been waiting for this event: the world's leading trade fair SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN 2023 in Essen, which finally opened its doors again for an international audience from the specialist world of joining, cutting and coating technology. And ABICOR BINZEL was represented on the 1,200 m2 IBG Industrial Park booth together with the associated companies Thermacut, HERR and Cantesco.


A rush for new products

After 6 years without this important trade fair, the demand for new products and developments was higher than ever before. The greatest interest was shown in the entire product range of extraction technology, the welding cobot iBOTone®, the new complete robot power source series iROB® 301–501 PRO, the manual welding torches of the MIG/MAG and TIG series as well as the automated production line specially developed for the fair. This installation was developed in cooperation with Thermacut and HERR and showed the entire portfolio of our company group with cutting, welding, extraction and final inspection. Visitors were able to experience live how a bottle opener made of black steel and stainless steel is produced fully automatically. Already prefabricated end products could also be taken away.


The robot cell with CLEAN CELL TECHNOLOGY®, in which the unique concept developed by ABICOR BINZEL for measuring the CO2 footprint of welding activities could be demonstrated live, was also a visitor magnet.

In total, 28 new products or product groups were presented at ABICOR BINZEL. A team of more than 150 colleagues from the international group of companies was constantly available for the visitors. With a unique "we" feeling, everyone showed pure passion for welding, cutting and extraction technology, the entire group of companies and the industry. This was confirmed by the feedback from customers, partners and co-exhibitors.

Non-stop action

Not only the products, but also many planned activities ensured a constant stream of spectators and listeners: there were short product presentations and lectures by colleagues from ABICOR BINZEL and Thermacut on the stage, the WELDPROF® was also always present, welding influencers – or also called welding creators – answered the most varied questions in interviews. In the middle of the week, the latter were also welding in a welding container specially prepared for them with ABICOR BINZEL products and had people look over their shoulders.

The presentation by WELDPROF® Emil Schubert together with the founder and Technical Director of Inrotech, Flemming Jørgensen, on the topic of "New welding technologies for regenerative energy production" also aroused great interest.


Cool welding challenge with the iBOTone®

Another component of the daily action programme was the iBOTone® welding challenge. A maximum of 7 interested people could participate per day. The task was to teach specified welding paths on a defined component on the iBOTone® and to weld them in the best possible way. According to predefined evaluation criteria, the best result of the day was determined and rewarded with an iPad. This challenge clearly showed that welding with the iBOTone® can be learned within a few minutes without the need for prior knowledge of manual or robotic welding.

people | planet | progress

Because all ABICOR BINZEL products are sustainable and progressive in some way – whether through long service life, saving CO2, calculating energy consumption and electricity savings, determining the CO2 footprint, extracting welding fumes at the point of origin, next generation laser joining, etc. – the motto of the trade fair for ABICOR BINZEL was people | planet | progress.

The focus on sustainability was supported by the campaign "Become a forest saviour". Visitors to the trade fair booth were able to register with their name and e-mail address in order to support ABICOR BINZEL in turning 1 m2 of forest in Germany into a protected primeval forest. As a small thank-you, each participant received a certificate by e-mail. In this way, the non-profit organisation GREEN FOREST FUND e. V. from Heidelberg is supported. We would like to sincerely thank all participants of this campaign.

Ready, steady, go

The SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN 2023 was a great success for all of us. Now it's time to carry on the enthusiasm, to keep the fire burning and to actively follow up on the many projects, trial and test installations as well as personal meetings that were scheduled after the outstanding event.