New: ABICOR GROUP – The cutting and welding crew

09.02.2024 08:00:00

Since 1 February 2024, the strong brands of the Industrie-Beteiligungs-Gesellschaft (IBG) from the business areas cutting, welding, systems and components have been united under the new umbrella brand ABICOR GROUP. Therefore also ABICOR BINZEL. With this change, manufacturing companies in the metal industry will be able to find exactly the right solution for their individual requirements from the entire portfolio of the ABICOR GROUP. This applies to products and system solutions as well as to expert knowledge and process optimization.


The ABICOR GROUP includes ABICOR BINZEL, Thermacut, HERR Industry System, PT Photonic Tools, Astaras, Cantesco and Weldstone. Under the leadership of the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Prof. Dr. Emil Schubert, an experienced management team has been put in charge of the company with its more than 2,200 employees. This team consists of Dr. Sascha Rose as Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Philip Röhrig as Chief Operating Officer (COO), Frank Müller as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Danny Maxeiner as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Andreas Böckling as Chief Sales Officer (CSO).

The ABICOR GROUP has twelve production facilities and is represented in more than 50 countries worldwide. Thanks to this international network, distribution channels are particularly short and enable fast service around the globe. The company's headquarters are located in Buseck near Giessen, Germany.

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Powerful solutions for the metalworking industry

The ABICOR GROUP combines expertise in the areas of Cutting, welding, systems and components. It offers a wide range of solutions for the needs of the metalworking industry.

CUTTING offers everything for cutting sheet metal thicknesses from 1 mm to 300 mm. Nothing works in metalworking without clean cuts: they form the foundation of the entire production process. In addition, cutting technology also contributes to sustainability, as cutting scrap metal helps with disposal and gouging, e.g. of welds/wear, protects the environment.

WELDING includes everything you need for the perfect weld. Products and system solutions from this area provide us with end products that make our lives more comfortable. For example, they ensure that energy is transported to our homes, that we can move from one place to another, or that stores are filled with goods.

SYSTEMS offers system solutions that make metalworking easier, safer and more economical. These include cobot applications, orbital welding, robot applications, laser applications, process monitoring and extraction technology.

COMPONENTS provides everything for special applications that require unique materials with outstanding properties, such as tungsten and molybdenum. Precision measurement, medicine, electrical engineering, automotive, aerospace and many other industries find products for their demanding applications.

Always in focus: Customer orientation and innovation

"The unification of our brands under one roof and management is a fantastic milestone that enables us to bundle expertise and resources for the development of innovative solutions for our customers as well as benefit from synergy effects. At the same time, we can strengthen our presence in the market. However, it is particularly important to us that our strong and established product brands retain their unique identity," explains Schubert.

Andreas Boeckling, CSO of the new ABICOR GROUP, emphasizes: "In future, we will be able to offer our customers an expanded product and service portfolio. It is especially important to us, to meet the increasing requirements in the field of automation and system solutions and by doing so, continue to focus on the customer benefit of our products as well as the safety and health of the welders."

As the ABICOR GROUP, we are pleased to offer manufacturing companies in the metal industry solutions that are precisely tailored to their individual applications.

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