Seven new apprentices at ABICOR BINZEL

05.09.2023 08:15:00

In times of a shortage of qualified staff, forward-looking companies are aware of the importance of investing in the training of new employees. That's why ABICOR BINZEL has taken on seven new apprentices and a one-year trainee this year, who are laying the foundation for their professional future with us.


This year's new apprenticeships at ABICOR BINZEL are as varied as usual. André Schwabauer starts his apprenticeship as a cutting machine operator and Dominik Wirth as an industrial mechanic. Jakob Stork is starting his apprenticeship as a mechatronics technician and Antony Cesar Miller would like to become a metal technology specialist. Emma Becker and Efthymios Kalosin are learning the profession of industrial clerk. Sirag Abdu begins his training as an IT specialist for system integration. We welcome Jonah Rösser to the one-year internship at the technical secondary school.

On their first day of work on 1st of September 2023, our new apprentices started their training full of energy and certainly also great expectations.

An exciting first day for the apprentices

After getting to know each other and being introduced to their future instructors, the new apprentices went to our Innovation and Technology Centre (ITC). There they had the opportunity to see a welding demonstration for themselves and, of course, to ask questions. This was probably the first time that some of them realised where welding technology is used in everyday life and that from now on everyone can be a part of it.

Afterwards, one of the day's highlights awaited our apprentices: A detailed tour of the company with exciting insights behind the scenes. They were able to explore the four different plants and get a closer look at their future workplace.

The training of future ABICOR BINZEL employees has a high priority in the corporate development of ABICOR BINZEL, especially in times of skilled labour shortage. The knowledge of experienced employees is passed on to the next generation, thus investing in a secure future for the company. We are sure that not only our apprentices will benefit from our many years of experience, but we will also benefit from their new perspectives and ideas.

We wish our new employees a successful start in our company and lots of fun during their apprenticeship.