Sporty seminar event for our apprentices

12.01.2024 04:30:00

You never stop learning during your apprenticeship. Day after day, the apprentices gather new impressions – both in the vocational school and in the company. Shortly before Christmas, ABICOR BINZEL was able to organize the seminar day "Trainee-Fit" together with the german health insurance BARMER. On this day, the ABICOR BINZEL apprentices focused on the topics of training, motivation, sport and health. It was a great experience to have a former professional athlete take part in this event: Frank Busemann. He is an absolute expert when it comes to self-motivation and perseverance.                                                                                                 

Varied program

The seminar day for the ABICOR BINZEL apprentices took place at the headquarters in Buseck and began with two seminars held by an employee of the BARMER health insurance: "German social insurance" and "Business etiquette for apprentices". At first glance, the topics may sound a little dry, but the seminars were packed with exciting practical examples and tips, so that the apprentices really learned something.

On the one hand, it was about gaining a better understanding of what a health insurance company does. On the other hand, it was also about how to behave at work, for example, the pitfalls of greeting people or how to behave professionally at business dinners. Throughout the two seminars, the apprentices were able to ask their own questions and share their personal impressions and experiences. The result was a lively exchange.

In addition to the seminars, BARMER offers an exciting campaign: "Learning from sports professionals – the motivational kick for your everyday work". Here, real top athletes come to the company to show the employees tips and tricks on how to integrate sport into their everyday lives. ABICOR BINZEL wanted to use this opportunity and offer its apprentices an extraordinary experience with a visit from Frank Busemann.

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Motivation boost with Frank Busemann

The second session of the seminar day for the ABICOR BINZEL apprentices was certainly the highlight of the day: the lively, motivating talk by the former multi-discipline athlete and hurdler Frank Busemann. One of his sporting highlights was the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, where he won the silver medal in the decathlon. Since his active career as a professional athlete ended in 2003, he has worked as a speaker and moderator. When he visits companies, he is passionate about explaining how the principles of success in sports can be applied to everyday working life.

Frank Busemann talked humorously with the ABICOR BINZEL apprentices about his time as a professional athlete, about his successes as well as his defeats. He repeatedly drew parallels between sport and everyday working life. He emphasized how important it is in both areas to push yourself to your limits in order to develop and improve.

"The pressure, whether in sports or in your career, gets you down at first," Busemann said. "On the first day of your apprenticeship, your head is spinning. You wonder how you're supposed to handle everything." The decathlon is no different. You spend four years preparing for the Olympics. Then you spend 20 hours on the field, just to perform at your best in all the disciplines for a total of 8.30 minutes. It's just like in the apprenticeship: After three years of intense practice and learning, you are ready to put your skills to the test in the final exam. But whether it's sports, training, or everyday life, you must always remember: "Giving up is never an option.


Athletic challenge

After the entertaining presentation, things got really exciting: It was time to change and get ready for a training session with the athlete. Meanwhile, the tables were pushed aside and the meeting room was transformed into a small training area.

First, BARMER introduced the "moving" mobilization program, which uses simple exercises to prevent back pain. The movements are designed to mobilize the spine, loosen muscles, and stretch ligaments and tendons. Afterwards, the trainees were able to work out with Frank Busemann using various fitness exercises. The exercises were designed so that everyone could participate at their own pace and evaluate themselves using a checklist. The training session was not meant to be a competition, but rather a self-motivation exercise.


Conclusion of ABICOR BINZEL instructor Uwe Stock: "It was a really successful and exciting event. I think the apprentices really enjoyed it. And when do you get the chance to meet a sports professional live? It was something very special."