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Calculator for calculating shielding gas savings now online

08.03.2022 07:34:05

Everywhere in production processes, it is checked which parameters can be considered in order to save costs. However, little or no consideration is given to the gas factor. This may change due to gas prices, which are currently increasing sharply, but shielding gas is essential for gas-shielded welding. The EWR 2 or EWR 2 Net gas management system from ABICOR BINZEL offers a solution for saving shielding gas consumption, which can be easily implemented in any welding process – for manual welding as well as robotic welding. But a fundamental question arises: is such a system worthwhile at all? And how high are the possible cost savings in your own production? The EWR 2 calculator from ABICOR BINZEL provides a quick answer.

Topics: Gasmanagement