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Robot welding cell for an easy start into robot welding

24.11.2021 10:57:46

Professionally qualified welders are hard to find, production has to cut down on costs and the quantities to be manufactured are skyrocketing. Small and medium-sized manufacturing companies that previously only employed manual welders are no longer questioning whether they should invest in automation, but rather how they can get started.

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Makes precise welding seams easy: AutoGuide Plus

03.07.2020 11:58:13

When simple, frequently recurring welding tasks and precision come together, the manual welder will eventually reach its limits. It is often not worth investing directly in an industrial robot because the quantities are still too small, or the investment is simply too large at this point. Implementing some of the automation in the welding process can build a bridge between manual welding and full automation – and help in three ways:

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The welding colleague, who cares

18.03.2020 08:52:39

ROBiPAK – a smart system solution for Cobot

It goes without saying that welding is not for wimps. Even the toughest guy is thankful for making his job a little easier. Not to forget the aspect of welding fume extraction. Since the beginning of 2020, the regulations for the efficient absorption and removal of harmful welding fumes for manufacturing companies have become even stricter. With ROBiPAK – consisting of a robot power source, welding torch in combination with the xFUME ROBO extraction kit and a fume extraction device – ABICOR BINZEL has created a system solution for Cobot that is like a health-caring colleague and offers many other advantages.

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