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ABICOR BINZEL establishes new subsidiary in Morocco

19.06.2023 11:18:03

ABICOR BINZEL recently set an important milestone as a global leader in welding technology with the opening of a new subsidiary in Kénitra: ABICOR BINZEL Maghreb. The opening event was a great event, attended by distinguished guests such as the mayor of Kénitra, representatives of the German embassy, the GIZ (Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit), the Bank of Africa as well as the Chamber of Commerce and companies from the welding industry. Colleagues from ABICOR BINZEL headquarters and from France also participated in the event, underlining the company's commitment to its international presence.

Embracing Diversity: How ABICOR BINZEL employees celebrate Ramadan

20.04.2023 09:59:44

As ABICOR BINZEL has subsidiaries all over the world, many of our colleagues, partners and customers celebrate Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr. Our colleagues from our latest established subsidiary ABICOR BINZEL Maghreb share some general information and their very personal meaning of Ramadan with us.

70 backpacks with Easter surprises for the food bank Tafel Gießen

05.04.2023 07:47:21

With Easter approaching, ABICOR BINZEL thought: what can be a good deed? It should be something in the region. It should arrive where donations are greatly appreciated. Namely among the people who are dependent on support due to the high cost of living. The people who come to the food bank Tafel Gießen.

ABICOR BINZEL is »employer of the future«

03.04.2023 05:00:00

When is a company a future-oriented company? If it is innovative, has a clear digitisation strategy, pursues sustainability goals, practices modern management and focuses on the employees. Because ABICOR BINZEL fulfills all of these points, it can now call itself the »employer of the future«.

Great interest in tactile laser optics MPH Tactile at EALA

15.02.2023 10:10:02

ABICOR BINZEL LASER SYSTEMS exhibited for the first time at the EALA "European Automotive Laser Applications" – with a new development on show.

1000th eBOX V3 sold

24.11.2022 14:52:58

It is the "brain" of the MFS-V3.1 wire feeding system from ABICOR BINZEL and has a history of almost 20 years: the eBOX. This is its story.

Being able to transport welding wires over long distances was already an incentive for the developers and technical engineers at Alexander Binzel Schweisstechnik GmbH & Co. KG. It all started with the ALUNOX from the company MIG WELD – a large green, housed wire feeding device for 40-kilo wire spools with built-in heating, primarily to be able to transport aluminum wires in GMAW applications. Because ABICOR BINZEL wanted to develop such a system itself, the Alu-Power-Drive – APD for short – was created. This wire feeding device was additionally equipped with a control system for two drives, one in the housing itself and one on the robot directly at the front of the process. At that time, Audi Neckarsulm wanted to use this system for the production of the Audi A2 and placed a large order for 30 APDs. These went to the automotive manufacturer together with a DALEX power source as a system solution.
The call for having to downsize this assembly came not long after. The extremely large rolling unit was taken apart, the motors were built as a separate unit, a housing for the electronics was designed and the control system was also separated from this large feeding device APD. The resulting modular design brought advantages for the users because they could assemble their own system depending on the application. And ABICOR BINZEL was no longer limited to only one specific group of users but could reach more different potential customers. This was the great start of the modular eBOX as a control unit in the Master-Feeder-System V2.

Did you know that welding technology makes life more beautiful?

09.11.2022 08:20:37

Baking a delicious cake, going on a bicycle tour together, experiencing a football match in the stadium with other fans, spending a sociable evening watching TV with friends or taking a great holiday trip by car, train or plane – all these wonderful events and experiences are made possible by extensive technology. Also through welding technology, such as from ABICOR BINZEL, which is present around the globe.

ABICOR BINZEL has surprises in store at EuroBLECH

21.09.2022 08:02:31

On October 25, 2022, the time has come: The international trade fair EuroBLECH opens its doors. Industry experts from the entire sheet metal process chain will present their extensive range of products and services until October 28th – and the specialists and technology developers for welding technology from ABICOR BINZEL will be there. The sister companies JESS Welding and Thermacut will also be on-site.

Production engineering students on training day at ABICOR BINZEL

02.09.2022 07:14:43

After a long time of online theory, finally live knowledge transfer again – that's what 10 students of the Production Engineering course at the University of Bremen thought and followed the invitation of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Emil Schubert to the ABICOR BINZEL headquarters in Buseck during their summer semester. The Technical Managing Director of ABICOR BINZEL, who is also known as WELDPROF, wanted to make welding technology, which has only been taught in theory up to now, tangible for the prospective specialists. The best thing about it: welding know-how was not only explained and demonstrated, but everyone was also challenged to weld themselves. For some, it was the first time they had held a welding torch in their hands.

6 apprenticeship positions newly filled at ABICOR BINZEL

03.08.2022 03:21:21

Those who can train and develop their specialists and managerial staff of tomorrow in-house are actively securing the future of their company. Because the shortage of qualified staff is a serious problem. We are therefore all the more pleased that this year six new apprentices and one dual study programme participant are starting their professional future with ABICOR BINZEL.